Black Pepper Pappardelle Topped with Fresh Soft-Boiled Egg

SisterFeast papardelle with soft-boiled egg

Have you ever craved pasta for brunch?

Hi, it’s Sandra. I am almost embarrassed to post another pasta recipe, but this one is so extremely easy and quick I thought I’d add it to our SisterFeast blog.





If you have a Sous Vide stick, it’s nice to have soft-boiled eggs simmering away, but it’s just as effective to quick-boil or poach your eggs on the stove. One day, I had some soft-boiled eggs prepping in the tank but hadn’t decided what to do with them. Then, I spotted some imported Italian black pepper pappardelle on the counter–perfect!

I simply cooked the noodles al dente; in the meantime, I heated equal amounts of butter and olive oil in a saute pan and tossed in some freshly chopped garlic. Then added freshly ground sea salt.

To assemble: Drain the noodles, toss in the butter-olive oil mixture; grate a heaping amount of fresh Parmesan Reggiano on top, add some torn basil leaves or whatever fresh herbs you choose to add color and enhance the flavor. Finally, top each serving with a freshly soft-boiled or poached egg.

SisterFeast papardelle with soft-boiled egg

My egg wasn’t beautiful, but it sure was yummy!

This is a satisfying and super easy meal for any season or any time of day. Enjoy!

Black Truffle Oil

I like to keep an interesting collection of high-quality oils on hand for drizzling over certain dishes. It adds another dimension of flavor. If you are buying truffle oil, check to make sure it’s a good one. I just bought this Bella Famiglia brand imported from Italy by Harris Teeter. It would make a nice addition for next time.

PS: Check out this wonderfully informative blog post by Lael Hazan on selecting the best olive oils.

Note: If fresh asparagus had been on hand, I would have chopped it up and tossed it into the pasta with some freshly-shaved lemon peel. Be creative and use what you have in your fridge or garden when you have a craving for pasta.




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