On Losing Lucky Peach


Anyone who knows me knows I am a huge fan of Lucky Peach magazine. But if you aren’t familiar with this great publication, you may never be. Lucky Peach is closing down and there are only two issues of this quarterly publication left.  I suggest you grab them when you can.

This is their latest blog post:

Recipes to Make When You’re Depressed Because Your Company Is Closing Down

Started by Peter Meehan, Chris Ying and now well known chef, David Chang, this publication was completely and delightfully different than anything that came before it, highlighting a newer generation of food writing that was different, fun and at times completely mind blowing to me.

From a young age, I collected all of Gourmet’s magazines and along with watching my bestie Julia Child on TV, my love affair with food never wavered. I always hoped Lucky Peach would hold that same inspiration for future food lovers and chefs. To me Lucky Peach was at times like Gourmet on psychedelics.

Each quarterly publication focused on a topic  – my favorite was the Street Food Issue – and the writing was, and still is for a few more issues, incredibly creative, warm, friendly and wickedly bright.

Lucky Peach Street Food

Tom Kliman, the former food critic for the Washington Post, won a James Beard Foundation MFK Distinguished writing award for his article Pork Life, an Autobiography in Seven Meals. This is the kind of food journalism that was the cornerstone of such a fantastic publication.

Recipes were also included in each issue. My annual street food party on New Years Eve is based on part from inspiration from the Street Food Issue. I learned to make ramen after reading Ivan Orkin’s story about his Japanese restaurant, Ivan Ramen and I’ve probably learned more about Chinese food in the last few years than in my entire lifetime.

Cartoons were also something we don’t often see when it comes to food writing, but Lucky Peach was full of color and graphics, both in the writing and the magazine style.  POPEYE_BANNERArt by Rob Engvall

The History Of Popeye and Pals

So it is with sadness that I say goodbye, and thank all of the talented writers and editors at Lucky Peach for giving me so much in the way of excellent food journalism and many, many inspired days and nights in the kitchen.  I wish everyone at Lucky Peach well and look forward to learning all about their future endeavors.

sniff, sniff … and hugs, Laura


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